pourquoi j'adore le Quebec

Brad just revealed that this weekend he's taking me to Quebec City for our anniversary (due to our hectic work schedule we couldn't take the weekend on our actual anniversary which was October 18th).

I'm SO excited!!! I've really come to LOVE Quebec and Montreal specifically. Here's Why:

  1. Quebec is a socialist heaven. The rights of Quebec citizens are amazing, we're talking cheap rent with rent control, low costs of buying (and if you're buying down town the PQ Gov't will give you up to $6K if it's your 1st home, and $10K if you're got kids!!)
  2. Which brings me to the next part - Quebec is an amazing province to have kids. The province supports a generous 1 year maternity leave for those whose employers don't offer it, so practically every woman or man, should they choose, can take a paid year off to care for their children.
  3. And upon returning to work after the glorious 1 year of baby-bonding, Quebec citizens have access to (actually GOOD) $7/day day-care! It's completely government subsidized so anyone can be a working parent.
  4. Not to mention, when my kids are of age, they can attend some of the greatest universities in Canada, if not the world (McGill was just ranked #18, the highest in Canada, take that U of T!), at significantly subsidized rates as well. That's right, Quebec citizens half HALF the tuition costs that I paid in Ontario and Canadians in other provinces. Leaving Quebec one of the provinces with the least number of graduating students with debt.
Granted, Quebec has these amazing offers because the birth-rate has been on the decline for decades as people here are statistically prone to never marry, never buy a home, never settle down, never have (or keep) children, and drop out of high school (yes, Quebec has the highest rate of teen depression, high school drop out, divorce, and abortion in Canada)

As you know it's the latter statistics that drew us to ministry here though we definitely are benefiting from the former!

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