prego stats - 21 weeks

How far along: 21 weeks, AKA OVER THE HUMPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPP!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Total weight gain: not 100% sure, probably 10 lbs? I've read + been told that for my body mass index + height my weight gain should be just as it should, so I'm glad for that. For those interested, it tends to average 5lbs in the 1st trimester, and then 1 lb every week thereafter. Resulting in approximately 25-35lbs gained total. This has generally been the way things have gone for me, and then it takes about the same amount of time to loose the weight (9 months). Don't we all wish it took ONE? But that's another post for another day :)

How big is baby: length of a carrot. anyone else find these slightly unhelpful? What kind of carrot? In my fridge right now we have carrots of various sizes. I want more details!

Maternity Clothes: A lot of my shorts from last summer fit right now (not maternity) because last summer I was still losing weight from my pregnancy with Oli. When I finally lost all the weight (approximately 12 months after his birth) the shorts were too large, but now that I'm 21 weeks, they're perfect. I also find pants/shorts can fit if they're low rise since my bump hasn't dropped yet. But shirts are mostly all maternity now since I need the extra length.

Sleep: my body and baby3 may be allowing me sleep (thank goodness!) but my older two kids haven't been lately :( Oli has been waking EVERY SINGLE NIGHT for over a month, between 10pm and 1am, and normally for up to an hour. Not fun. 

Best moment this week: The kids regularly take turns kissing, "hugging", and cuddling their little sister (aka the bump) which is the sweetest! And I found a darling little dress, brand new (tags still on!) in light blue/chambray for Little Sister for $2 at Salvation Army this week and it got me verrrrry excited for another girl!

Movement: yes, but very low! And much more subtle than the other two were at 21 weeks, but again, probably because she's so low. It's hard for others to feel her movements because of her placement but I feel a lot internally.

Food cravings:My sweet tooth is BACK. I'm sorry to my dentist.

Food aversions:Not much lately, though I've been opting for more vegetarian meals lately.

Gender: GIRL! 

Labor signs: n/a

Belly button in or out: like always in pregnancy, out. And Public Service Announcement: it's NOT FUN when anyone (including my husband) pokes the protruding belly button. It actually hurts and you might be surprised how many people do it. They think it's cute and funny but it's very stretched skin and painful.

What I miss: sleep, but I can't blame pregnancy on that right now (cough Oli cough).

What I'm not loving: at the end of the day my lower body aches a bit, and in the morning my feet get painful cramps, but they go away quickly.

What I’m looking forward to: 2 weeks without the kiddos!!! Brad and I are headed on our first kids-free trip and it is coming at THE BEST TIME. We need this bad.

What I'm loving: Being pregnant, seeing the kids engage with the pregnancy, warm weather :)



prego update: weeks 19 + 20

How far along: 19 and 20 weeks, 'cause things have been busy I'm doing both in one post!

Total weight gain: Probably 10 lbs? Not really sure until my next appointment. And for anyone who thinks I'm gaining really slowly and not much weight, fear not, this is my typical pattern: I gain slowly (and my 1st trimester usually has me loosing weight because of excessive vomiting/nausea), and then gain RAPIDLY in the last 10-15 weeks. It's comin' :)

How big is baby: mango + the length of a banana

Maternity Clothes: Yes, but I've found that now I'm able to fit into a lot of pre-maternity clothes again, since I'm wearing summer clothes instead of winter. Most of my summer clothes are loose fitting so I can get by, whereas my winter clothes were too fitted to be worn at this point (unless they were low rise pants).

Sleep: Never enough, but unable to nap lately :(

Best moment this week: Attending a friends wedding in Toronto! It was a blast to see everyone and have Little Sister fawned over (albeit in the womb), but I got very little sleep there and couldn't dance much because my back was hurting. Which is never fun, but a worth while sacrifice to be prego!

Movement: Yes! Very low and not enough to disturb me yet, which is lovely. Just gentle movements every once and a while.

Food cravings: Just FOOD. Period. I've definitely noticed a mega-increase in my appetite the last two weeks. Right on target too - I read during 19 weeks that the baby starts growing faster around now so I'll be more tired and hungry as a result. Check and check.

Food aversions: None, really!


Labor signs: n/a

Belly button in or out: SO out.

What I miss: This may sound bad, but alcohol! It's always what you can't have that you want the most! Though I normally only have 0-2 drinks per week, I'm finding myself craving and wishing I could have a cold beer, cider, cocktail, or glass of pinot gregio something FIERCE.

What I'm not loving: the lower back and everything from the waste down (legs, feet, etc) has begun to ache at the end of a long day on my feet, or after a long walk. I got this particularly painfully with Oli in my third trimester. I'm worried that it's going to be a hard 2nd half of pregnancy with Little Sister since I'm already feeling pain here and there at just 20 weeks...

What I’m looking forward to: Now that we know Baby3 is a GIRL it's so much more exciting waiting for her arrival. I don't know how I could wait to find out because of this huge perk! Pregnancy is LONG, people. Having a big milestone half way through makes it seem shorter and more exciting in my opinion :)

What I'm loving: gardening and playing at the parks in this beautiful weather with the kids! I'm so glad they get a whole summer with just THEM before another sibling arrives. It's the funnest time of year here, and it's just for them this year. Here's hoping my energy can continue long enough for us to enjoy most of it!

Milestone(s):finding out the sex! GIRRRRRRRRRRRRRLLLLLL.