relief sweeps in... which of course makes no sense to you all because you weren't in on the pregnancy scare I just experienced... but a scare it t'was. Being pregnant is not scary (hard but not scary). Having another baby this soon is not scary (hard but not scary). Having an unplanned pregnancy is not scary (hard but not scary) But missing the weddings of my TWO bests.... horrifying!

For a while there I thought I may have been... The baby would have been due on September 2nd. Precisely 1 week after Lisa's wedding and 4 weeks before Missys. And if the second time around was to be anything like the first... I'd have missed both.

Lily came a week early, so there goes Lisa's wedding, and my recovery was SLOW and PAINFUL and breastfeeding was VERY DIFFICULT and EXTRAORDINARILY TIME CONSUMING (Lily would go on 6 hour binges because I wasn't producing enough upfront to satisfy her) making driving to Ontario for 7 hours to be the maid of honour in a wedding when the baby was 3-4 weeks old also, impossible.


And evermore excited for the event{s} of 2011: Wedding bliss for Lisa and Missy!

Love you girls, and can't wait ti share in your special day{s}