Bump Watch!

I definitely haven't done the semi-regular bump pics of this pregnancy (and honestly I barely did for the last one!), but for those interested in how my little bump is doing, here's a ic from a couple of weeks ago. You can't really see much, but it's all I got!

{Lily & I at the splash pad at the Louisville Zoo - necessary since it was 116 degrees F that day!!} 


blocks for a boy (and girl!)

One thing I hadn't crossed off my list (see below) for preparing for LG was wooden blocks. I know they're not a necessity but they're something I really wanted to buy for him and haven't been able to fine anywhere.
I learned as Lily has been going through teething for the last 5 months or so, how much she loves to chew on hard object, and her wooden teethers are by far her favourite (Sophie, no offense). So blocks seemed like they could serve multiple purposes... but only to find them!!

Well today I went to the Zoo with a friend I've met here in Louisville and as a going away gift to Lily (aka me), her daughter Charlotte (aka she) gave... wooden blocks! Incredibly thoughtful as she knew I'd mentioned searching for them to no avail, and so very sweet. It was so unexpected and exactly what I wanted and was useful. My kind of gift. My kind of love.
THANK YOU Dana and Charlotte!! We had a wonderful day with you, we'll miss you, and we'll see y'all next summer :)


due date window

Does anyone know anyone who was actually born on their due date?
Me neither.
Which brings me to this post...

LG's due date is November 6th, but the "window" is said to be 3 weeks before and 2 weeks after, to be safe. That would make LG's window around October 20-November 20. I'm really hoping he's early again, like his sister, because at the end every day feels like a week and I can't even imagine, but I'm sure every week feels like a month! Lily was 10 days early and that suited us well. Imagine if he were born on Halloween? I always pitied kids born on holidays that all their friends got geared up for... makes their day seem less of a bigger....though I could have some fun with Halloween-themed parties :)

Anyway, this is only a big deal because I'm the maid of honour on October 2nd. Thankful that wedding isn't even just a week later or we could be in trouble!

craft ideas for the baby boy!

I'm no expert seamstress, but a lot of these cute crafts/DIYs for baby boys have caught my eye and look quite easy! I plan to sttempt them all as soon as I'm back in Montreal, reunited with my machine.

All you'd need is scrap fabric and some onsies.
especially love the hand-dyed onsie, what a bold blue!! and dye like that is available at fabric land and other craft stores for less than $5. Oh and some flannel for the handkerchief bib!

ps - I can totally picture LG looking like that baby in the blue mustache onsie! If he takes after his sister and rocks the blonde hair :)

pps - all pics are Etsy-inspired


22 week ponderings

My friend Taylor is pregnant with twin boys and I've been following along with her pregnancy blog. Her and Jay struggled to become pregnant and have two babies in Heaven, so this pregnancy is especially sweet and we are just over the moon thrilled for them. Check out their blog here if you're interested. Taylor has been filling out a weekly survey and I thought I'd copy her since I looked at my pregnancy ticker today and realized I'm 22 weeks today! Here we go...

Weight gain/loss:
not really sure. I havent been weighing myself, and I've only been to the doctor once since I've been here in Louisville. PLUS I still had 5-8 pre-pregnancy pounds from my pregnancy with Lily hanging on when I became pregnant with LG, so it's hard to say. I'd say around 10lbs?

Maternity clothes? Sporting three bottoms exclusively right now - faded/distressed bermuda jean shorts from Old Navy that I got last pregnancy, a dark denim knee-length skirt also from Old Navy, and Loni's goold old grey Thyma Maternity shorts. She wore them for her pregnancies and I have so far worn them for all of mine. Definitely a good purchase on her part :)

Stretch marks? Just all the ones from my last pregnancy. Annoyingly right above my belly button. Good thing I was already leaning towards ditching my two-piece bathingsuits!

Sleep? A friend said a while back "I can't wait to be pregnant so I can get more sleep!" and I wanted to scream. It may seem like pregnant women are forever napping or sleeping, but the reality is a) you need WAY more sleep (I'm a walking zombie after 7-8 hours, I just need more now) and b) it's hard to get a full night sleep with constant peeing, baby kicking, and basic discomfort. The longest I sleep in a row is about 5 hours, if I'm lucky. Thankfully I've been able to nap when Lily does....so thankful I'm pregnant while I have a baby who still naps twice a day!

Best moment this week? last week was finding out that the baby is a BOY! this week it was all the garage sale scores we got for him. We now have his entire wardrobe 0-18m (give or take) and most of it is Baby Gap and Ralph Lauren and nothing was more than $2. Crazy what people sell and for what price!!

Food cravings: ice cream (this week I had a ball of coconut and a ball of bourbon and thought I was in HEAVEN!) and Nancy's flavoured cream cheese in Veggie (this amazing bagel place here in Louisville).

Gender: BOY!

Belly button in or out? was an innie pre-babies. Became an outie about 2/3 way through my pregnancy with Lily and very slowly returned after she was born. But with this pregnancy, it was an outie basically from day one... hoping it returns like it did last time!!

What I miss? ice cold beers on summer days, beach volley ball, energy, sleeping well, spicy salmon sushi, and laying in the sun for as long as I want (now I either don't at all because I'm too hot, or for a very short time because I don't want to boil LG!)

What I am looking forward to? Buying an apartment (hoping we find one before LG is born) and setting up the co-ed nursery.

Weekly wisdom: walk as slow as you want crossing the street. that man honking, who can clearly see you're pregnant, is evil.

Milestones: next week is technical viability, but kicking was also a big milestone a few weeks back.

Fruit/Veggie: as long as a spaghetti squash or the size of a papaya (depending on the website)