in a GREAT place.

we did it.
We made it to March (almost) without getting pregnant! 
Most of you are laughing whilst shaking your heads, because it shouldn't be such a gamble, but let me explain. 

We decided we wanted our first two babies quite close in age. Somewhere around 16-20 months apart. SO after we had Lily, I stopped nursing, and everything was...well...business as usual again, there was a not-so-huge window of time to hope we didn't get pregnant. Such a short window of time that going back on the pill would be a roller coaster of symptoms (women, you know what I mean!) we weren't willing to play around with. Basically by the time my body adjusted to the hormones the pill would be pumping into it, it would be time to go off the pill, and it would all happen again. No thanks. 

But also, post-baby, post-breast feeding, post-pregnancy, my cycle is post-normal and it's impossible to know for sure what's going on, so natural family planning is also out the window. So we kind of just tried our best to be careful and hope that we didn't get pregnant until around now because of the extremely exciting weddings I'm going to be a part of this summer and fall. Other than that we would have been cool with getting pregnant even sooner, because, well Lily is awesome :)

But now we're in that "safety zone" where if I did get pregnant, I could still attend and participate in Lisa AND Missy's weddings.... GLORY! 

So we're in a great place. Not desperate to get pregnant, but thrilled if we do. Enjoying baby Lily to the max, but open to a second baby Morrice, whenever.

will i ever be this self-less?



A year ago i would have never considered it.

I understood why people did it, but it wasn't for me.

I thought.

And for the record, we're not adopting officially or any time soon. Brad is still warming up to the idea (can you blame him? this has been a VERY recent thing on my heart), though he's not against it at all. But video testimonies like this make it impossible to ignore.
The need. The opportunity. The privilege.

{local adoption}

{international adoption}