international adoption plummeting

despite the fact that people are talking about adoption a lot these days, celebrities are making it en vogue, and the shame that used to associated with being adopted is much more rare, international adoptions are actually not on the rise. 

This surprised me because there's so much talk about adoption. so many conferences and books coming out. It all just made me think that yeah, we're all together caring for orphans more than ever before! And maybe in some ways we are, but in some we certainly are not. At least not across our boarders.Praying this changes drastically in the years to come.

See this article:
Globally, the number of orphans being adopted by foreign parents dropped from a high of 45,000 in 2004 to an estimated 25,000 last year, according to annual statistics compiled by Peter Selman, an expert on international adoptions at Britain's Newcastle University.