curve ball #4

This pregnancy has been full of curve balls. Unlike any other pregnancy we've had, we've known trial, we've known waiting, we've known uncertainty, we've known fear. Girlfriend wants us on our toes, apparently :)

Recently we experienced our forth curve ball.

first, a re cap, if you're lost :)

Curve ball #1: Not getting pregnancy easily. All of our pregnancies until now happened the first month we tried. This pregnancy took 6 months. Not forever, but it felt like it and we learned a lot in the waiting.

Curve ball #2: They couldn't find the heart beat at my first visit. Some others said this was normal and that it happened to them and they didn't worry at all - awesome. We did. My doctor did too, since my other two babies had super strong heartbeats as early as 10 weeks. Thankfully an internal ultrasound confirmed her beating heart and ours started beating again, too.

Curve ball #3: A mere week after the heartbeat fiasco, I had cramping in my lower abdomen so terrible I couldn't walk. Brad was in the States for an MDiv course and I was with the kids alone. I was in so much pain I was lying on the floor unable to get up. Friends took me to the hospital and I was sure I was miscarrying. I wasn't, and the pain never returned. Strange and terrifying.

Now we're up to date! I'm full term (prego stats will end now that we're so close to the end, if you were wondering!), and in the last couple of weeks, another curve ball.

Curve ball #4: Baby is transverse (horizontal in my womb) and then breech (head up in my womb) past 35 weeks. It's said that after 35 weeks, the baby should be in the head down position, because she runs out of room to move much after that. The vast majority of babies are head down by 35 weeks, and even more by 37 weeks. Generally by 37 weeks (today) if a baby isn't head down, she won't go head down. Doctors can attempt to manipulate the uterus and turn her, deliver the baby breech (which can have complications), or suggest a C-Section (which is also riskier than a vaginal birth and something I was hoping not to have for my final birth).

Little Sister was flopping between full-on breech and transverse constantly over the last two weeks. I could see every kick (in my side) and it was clear by looking at my stomach where she was. That's what happens when the baby is big enough and has not much room - her kicks and rolls become very entertaining and clear.

I had asked several friends to pray Thursday morning at 10:30am for my appointment, where we'd see for sure and then talk about my options. As of Wednesday night she was definitely breech still. I could feel and see that. And by 11:30am, she was head down, in perfect position for vaginal birth.



God answers prayer, sometimes so clearly it makes my eyes water.

This pregnancy has made us rely on Him constantly and I'm thankful for that. Now I can look ahead to a somewhat familiar experience (child birth) in the coming couple weeks and not have to worry about an all-new surgery with a long recovery (remember, I have no local family and two toddlers!).

Thank you Thank you Thank you, Jesus.


prego stats - week 33-34

Not bad having to only combine two weeks in one post after my recent 4 week catch up! But things are only getting busier so the week-by-week updates are getting more impossible. I just love having this as a a resource for when I'm looking back months and years from now. I loved having the info for Lily and Oli's pregnancies to compare with this time around, so I need to keep writing! Even if it's tiring right now and I'm lacking drive to say the least.

How far along: 33 weeks and 34 weeks.

Total weight gain: around 20lbs but I don't know for sure. I have an appointment where they'll weigh me in a week or so, and we don't care to own a scale here.

How big is baby: Durian Fruit (?) and Butternut Squash

Maternity Clothes: almost exclusively. 

Sleep: I'm finding it almost impossible to go to bed before midnight these days, but the kids occupy themselves together in the mornings fairly well, so I can usually sleep in until 7:30am or even 8:30am sometimes, which makes up for it. And naps, of course!

Best moment this week: my sister was in town to love on us and that was wonderful.

Movement: so much movement, and painfully so, because Baby girl; hasn't turned head down yet. Something I'm worried about 50% of the time. She's horizontal though, so it's not like she's completely upside down which bodes better for her getting into the head down position before birth, but it's less comfortable now because she is tall and her long body doesn't have room to be hanging out in my belly sideways. When she kicks which is often, it's really painful in my side.

Food cravings: everything!

Food aversions: nothing!

Gender: you know :)

Labor signs: Braxton Hicks still, but not too often.

Belly button in or out: out.

What I miss: Being able to bend over! I can't even pick up things off the floor anymore!

What I'm not loving: baby not being head down :(

What I’m looking forward to: meeting her and my 37 week appointment when I'll know more about her positioning and my options. So praying I don't have to have a c-section.

What I'm loving: time with Oli being my baby. I'm soaking it up!

Milestone(s): none I can think of!


prego stats - week 32

How far along: 32 weeks, aka way too early to deliver a baby. DO YOU HEAR THAT BABY3? (explanation coming)

Total weight gain: 18lbs?

How big is baby: squash

Maternity Clothes: yes, and I'm getting really tired of them! as a result, I've gotten really creative lately and am trying to re-incorporate non-maternity pieces whenever possible. I have 1 pair of shorts and 1 pair of jeans that still fit (thank you, elastic + low-rise), and then summer dresses seem to work.

Sleep: not so much. Baby3 is kicking like you wouldn't believe and she seems the most active from 9pm-1am every day. Making sleep before 1am impossible. Guess it's good preparation!

Best moment this week: finding out I'm not in labour after a very scary false alarm where I thought my water broke! It was JUST LIKE WITH THE OTHER TWO, except it was a false alarm... If you recall, my other two never came about from my water fully breaking, nor from labour starting on it's own. In both cases, my water was just leaking (thus no contractions, continual fluid, or labour), so after many hours of this, the rest of my water was manually broken and I then rapidly went into labour. It's not safe to go longer than 24 hours with ruptured (partially or fully) membranes without labour beginning, which is why the remaining waters were broken. 

Movement: SO.MUCH. I can't even handle it. She's running out of room so her constant movements all evening are starting to truly hurt and be inconvenient. But I'm just happy she's still in there! By the looks of my stomach, she's still quite tiny (though over 4lbs, likely) so I'm glad for her to be cooking a little longer safe inside. But man the movement hurts!

Food cravings: sweet tooth is BACK.

Food aversions: nope!

Gender: girlfriend.

Labor signs: ha. yes. all false alarms though! and lots of Braxton Hicks!

Belly button in or out: out

What I miss: flexibility and movability. I'm pretty awkward these days :)
What I'm not loving: the kicking girl in my too-small womb!
What I’m looking forward to: meeting her, but not for another 4 weeks minimum!

What I'm loving: I've scored some awesome baby items lately for baby3 that I'm really excited about! After Lily was born and I already had most of my baby gear, I saw this Skip Hop play mat that I fell in love with. Sadly, I couldn't justify the $80 to buy it since I already had one. I didn't love the look of mine, which was tough since it lived on my living room floor for almost a year, but I'd make due. But today I found it on Kijiji for $30! That I will justify and love for the coming year! Isn't it cute!?


prego stats - week 31

Look at me writing a prego stats post for ONE SINGLE WEEK. On the ball, folks! Let's just pretend my most recent post wasn't a month's posts in one :)

How far along: 31 weeks!
Total weight gain: 18ish lbs?

How big is baby: a pineapple! that's weird because I have one on my counter and can totally picture that... and it's big!

Maternity Clothes: yep! except one pair of Gap shorts that aren't maternity but were slightly too big before pregnancy and are low-rise. 
Sleep: so hot guys! but I am getting at least 7 hours a night, and often more, so it's more than I'll be getting when baby girl comes :)

Best moment this week: Lily has been gone all week camping with my family, and Brad has been in Louisville, so it's just been Oli and I! So fun to dote on him and have more rest too.

Movement: LIKE WOAH. Come over around 8-10pm and see little sister go NUTS in my tummy. It's sure a show!

Food cravings: just general junk... not the best cravings but I'm only splurging once in a while. 

Food aversions: zero! so nice to have my appetite back 100%.


Labor signs: actually, YES. I know, not REAL labour signs, but Braxton Hicks contractions started this week. It's definitely false labour and I'm not concerned (neither are my doctors) but they are odd and sometimes annoying. They mostly occur at night before bed after she's been really active. I forgot how strange contractions (non-painful ones) feel! Like you are flexing your whole torso - which of course hasn't actually happened in months since I don't actually have in tact stomach muscles!

Belly button in or out: out

What I miss: I'm walking a lot slower these days and I can't wait to be back up to pace with normal people again! And my bump is starting to get in the way of a lot - cleaning, caring for the kids, bending over to pick something off the floor - all very difficult tasks with a HUGE bump in your tummy.

What I'm not loving: the heat, but it's cooled considerably this week so I can't complain.

What I’m looking forward to: MEETING HER! Now it's starting to feel legitimate. She is coming in a matter of weeks! I'm in the middle of my third trimester with only 9 weeks left if she comes full term. So so so so excited!

What I'm loving: being pregnant, no back pain, enjoying my kids, knowing she's coming soon.

Milestone(s): Braxton Hicks.

prego stats - week 26-30

So, lets cram 5 weeks of pregnancy into one neat little post, shall we? That's the best I can do at this rate! I know it's been over a month since I've posted an update... oops! My other blog and Instagram have been getting more attention and have bits and pieces about the pregnancy, so if you're curious, head over there. But I do want to update more over here. I love looking back on posts I've written for each pregnancy and seeing the unique differences that each babe has brought my way... even if they're grouped together like this post!

Here we go!

How far along: 26, 27, 28, 29, 30 weeks :)

Total weight gain: approximately 12-16lbs

How big is baby: lettuce, rutabega, eggplant, acorn squash, cucumber (length)
Maternity Clothes: err day! I'm finding in the third trimester that my maternity clothes are getting a lot tighter across the belly. It's frustrating that stores claim to be the same size throughout your whole pregnancy as you would normally wear (i.e. if you're normally a size S, you'll be a size S for your whole pregnancy in maternity clothes), because it's never the case! My maternity clothes fit true to size (thanks to the wonders of elastic) for most of my pregnancy, but the last trimester, I always need the next size up. Of course by now I'm really not in the mood to buy more maternity clothes seeing as how it's my last trimester of my last pregnancy... so I'm making due!

Sleep: I'm sleeping well and often, though not napping daily anymore. The heat is the one big obstacle for good sleep now! Our AC unit isn't the strongest and doesn't get to our bedroom since it's on the opposite end of the house, so I have even had to sleep on the pull out couch in the living room many nights to get more cold air my way

Best moment this week: I've LOVED this stage of pregnancy. Baby3 is kicking like you wouldn't believe, especially around 9pm each night. My tummy puts on a show - changing shape and bouncing around. Little girl inside is an active one! I'm also feeling really well and am getting so excited for her arrival.

Movement: see above!

Food cravings: junk food. eeeek!

Food aversions: NONE.

Gender: fille.

Labor signs: n/a

Belly button in or out: out.

What I miss: my normal clothes and my flexibility! bathing the kids and bending over to pick up toys and things is getting impossible.

What I'm not loving: the heat! I knew full well that this would be the case though... every single pregnancy I find myself in my third trimester in the heat of summer! EVERY SINGLE ONE!

What I’m looking forward to: I'm starting to dread the sleep deprivation and the nursing challenges ahead but am trying to keep an open mind...

What I'm loving: The baby movement and being officially in my THIRD TRIMESTER! Last one, baby!!

Milestone(s): third trimester, viability @ 27 weeks (if baby were born prematurely she would more than likely live!) always makes me so happy, and loads of movement!