prego stats - week 31

Look at me writing a prego stats post for ONE SINGLE WEEK. On the ball, folks! Let's just pretend my most recent post wasn't a month's posts in one :)

How far along: 31 weeks!
Total weight gain: 18ish lbs?

How big is baby: a pineapple! that's weird because I have one on my counter and can totally picture that... and it's big!

Maternity Clothes: yep! except one pair of Gap shorts that aren't maternity but were slightly too big before pregnancy and are low-rise. 
Sleep: so hot guys! but I am getting at least 7 hours a night, and often more, so it's more than I'll be getting when baby girl comes :)

Best moment this week: Lily has been gone all week camping with my family, and Brad has been in Louisville, so it's just been Oli and I! So fun to dote on him and have more rest too.

Movement: LIKE WOAH. Come over around 8-10pm and see little sister go NUTS in my tummy. It's sure a show!

Food cravings: just general junk... not the best cravings but I'm only splurging once in a while. 

Food aversions: zero! so nice to have my appetite back 100%.


Labor signs: actually, YES. I know, not REAL labour signs, but Braxton Hicks contractions started this week. It's definitely false labour and I'm not concerned (neither are my doctors) but they are odd and sometimes annoying. They mostly occur at night before bed after she's been really active. I forgot how strange contractions (non-painful ones) feel! Like you are flexing your whole torso - which of course hasn't actually happened in months since I don't actually have in tact stomach muscles!

Belly button in or out: out

What I miss: I'm walking a lot slower these days and I can't wait to be back up to pace with normal people again! And my bump is starting to get in the way of a lot - cleaning, caring for the kids, bending over to pick something off the floor - all very difficult tasks with a HUGE bump in your tummy.

What I'm not loving: the heat, but it's cooled considerably this week so I can't complain.

What I’m looking forward to: MEETING HER! Now it's starting to feel legitimate. She is coming in a matter of weeks! I'm in the middle of my third trimester with only 9 weeks left if she comes full term. So so so so excited!

What I'm loving: being pregnant, no back pain, enjoying my kids, knowing she's coming soon.

Milestone(s): Braxton Hicks.

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  1. Anonymous25.7.13

    Em, I'm so glad to hear you are feeling well! You were in a lot of pain at this point if I remember correctly with your other 2, especially Oli! I wish you all the best, and I pray for an awesome delivery, healthy baby, and successful breastfeeding!!! I say the breastfeeding part, because how amazing would it be for you to experience that with your last newborn!! But, in the end, you have to do what works best for your family (and sanity!!).