My lower back, hips, and lady parts are screaming.
Not this minute, because I've done next to nothing today, but after any exertion, like my 15 minute walk to the store yesterday.

I still have 10 weeks, this is so not cool.


Braxton Hicks... already!?

I know Braxton Hicks "faux contractions" can appear as early as midway through a pregnancy... but that just wasn't my experience last time. Imagine my confusion/concern when last night I was woken from sleep by some beastly contractions (Braxton Hicks, to be sure, not the real deal!).

When I was pregnant with Lily I didn't get Braxton Hicks until 1 week before she was BORN. And even then, they were minor until 24 hours before she came 'round. 

Having them last night was not fun. And scary. And nerve-wracking. 

So is the immense pressure on my lower abdomen/hips/lady parts.

LG, you've got at least 7 weeks to go, buddy. Don't be in any kind of a rush mk?

Parents.com says:
An experienced uterus also has far more "false," or practice, contractions, called Braxton Hicks. Moreover, because a second baby is carried lower and farther away from the spine, he isn't centered over the bowl of the mother's pelvis, so he can't drop into the lower pelvis as easily. This may be why these early practice contractions don't bring on labor as readily as the first time. To tell the difference between Braxton Hicks contractions and real ones, change your position (stand up, say, if you've been sitting), or walk around. Braxton Hicks contractions will often stop, while active contractions will continue throughout these actions.

So again, I'm not panicking, but I don't love seeing labour signs I did with Lily 1 week before her birth, a full 10 weeks before LG's due date...


the wedding bump

Here's a recent bump pic - clad in my bridesmaid dress for Lisa's wedding. 

We took a size 14 dress from David's Bridal and the world's best seamstress (who made my wedding dress off the rack from a size 16 to a 6) turned it into a maternity size 8. She is a brilliant woman, and probably also the worst paid seamstress alive in her skill level. The woman charges next to nothing for her masterwork. My wedding dress was $100, though she practically re-made it, and my little David's 14-maternity 8? $15. If you're in the Niagara area, message me if you ever want her info for a wonderful seamstress!

Anyway, back to LG, here he is!!
Check my other blog for more pics from Lisa's wedding :)


moving while pregnant?

In 4 weeks, we're moving.
In about 10 weeks I'll have another lil baby in my arms.
I say another because Lily still feels like a baby, even though after Saturday when she turned 1, she's officially a toddler. She's still under 20 lbs and has just 2 teeth and doesn't say much, so to me, she's still a baby. Our baby, if not a 'baby' to anyone else. Which brings me to the question on my mind:

How do you move in/out with a baby? 
Or while very pregnant?

Realistically, I won't be able to do much. I can't paint or lift heavy boxes. I can sort, organize, and best of all, boss people around, but I can't do much. I'm just too dang pregnant! And Lily... well she'll definitely need an all-day babysitter...for a few days. I have a few local friends who I'm sure wouldn't mind watching her, but I just don't think there's another way - so they will be asked (you know who you are!)

My goal is to have the house painted and large furniture moved in by September 30th, giving us a full 4 weeks in the house to actually make it a home (decorating, settling, etc) before LG's arrival.
Assuming he doesn't come early.
Assuming everything goes through with the house.
And assuming the final weeks of my pregnancy I'm healthy.

Advice, please!


another nursery...

Not because LG is getting his own... no no no, he's a city baby and everyone knows city babies get crammed in with their other siblings (if not with the laundry machines or mom and dad lol!). No, I'm talking about the kid's nursery in our next home... I still want to use orange and green as the main colours (and white as a major colour/shade), but I'm thinking of a stripe accent wall... 
 they just look so cool!
and some serious orange curtains (currently the nursery has light green but it's so soft and I feel like LG and Lily together will be anything but, so why pretend!?) like these:
I actually already own the orange Amy Butler fabric too, so it won't take long. 
Excited to nest up for LG's arrival!



I'm here. In the third trimester. The final stretch. 3 months / 12 weeks to go until "due date" time, and only 2.5 months / 9 weeks until the "due date window". 

It's hard to believe that after such a whirlwind of having Lily, getting pregnant when she was not yet 5 months old, and being pregnant with LG that we're here. In this final season of pregnancy. My first thoughts: THANK GOODNESS. 

Some women thrive in pregnancy. My mother-in-law said she loved being pregnant. Her hair was nice and thick, she had boundless energy, and she never vomited once. My mom did have some of the negative experiences I've had - extreme fatigue, nausea (though no vomiting) - but she says the same. She loved it. I, on the other hand, do not. It's hard, y'all. And I'm really happy it's nearly over. Is that insensitive to say? I don't want to seem insensitive to those who would love to be pregnant, and would give anything to be in my too-tight shoes... I'm just trying to be honest about my experience. Grateful that I am pregnant, but eager to be done. Fair?

The third trimester always flies by too, which is nice. Jamie, my bursting-BFF is due in a couple of weeks and she doesn't know where the time went. After that 20 week ultrasound, it really starts to fly. And the changes you experience are more noticeable every week, which is fun (because you see progress) and challenging (because they're often unpredictable and sudden). 

Some of these sudden changes that seem to steal the show in your third trimester would be:
  • Leg cramps. Who invented those!? hate hate hate! On a given night, I wake up at least twice, with one or both of my lower legs (knee, down) completely seized in muscle tension. I have to urgently move my foot around and massage like crazy to get them to relax and the pain to dissipate. Not fun.
  • Bonkers-Frequent Urination. I know, "pregnant women always have to go", as they say, but it gets just silly towards the end. Last night I was up SIX TIMES to pee. And once with a leg cramp, if you're curious. Grrr.
  • Wild Baby Movements. At the beginning you would give anything to feel baby move around, to assure he's alright, and it is still comforting when you feel that....it's just also awkward and very painful.  LG was moving so much last night I was just watching my stomach roll around for a good 30 minutes, at 2am, because there's no way you can sleep through those kicks and squirms. It's fun to imagine what on earth he's doing in there, or what made him so energized at that moment (always when Mom's trying to sleep it seems!). When I was pregnant with Lily I would always just feel one foot kicking my side. When she was born and we were in the hospital we saw her sleeping with one leg curled up and the other pushed straight out. And it occurred to us that THAT'S WHAT SHE WAS DOING, but INSIDE of me. So wild.
I've also had a lot more lower back pain with LG than I did with Lily (formally known as MM), but the last week hasn't been as bad so I'm hoping it was a shortish season. Here's hoping :)

This part of my pregnancy will also go fast because I'm very very very busy in the coming months and weeks. Brad and I are hoping to buy a condo/apartment in the next couple of weeks, my sister's wedding is in 10 days (on August 20th - Lily's birthday), I'm hosting a wedding shower on August 22nd in Oakville, ideally we'd move into said condo/apartment in late September, and I'm the maid of honour at a wedding on October 2nd. So lots to keep me busy and my mind on other things, which is REALLY nice. 
 No time to worry or stress about baby and no time to loose sleep from excitement about his arrival (though I'm sure I still will, especially closer to his due date).

So the countdown is on! 88 days to go (or 78 if he's like his sister!) and I'm done with pregnancy and a mom of 2. Thank you Lord, on both and all accounts :)


baby clones?

Meet Gabriel. Lily's clone.
He's a boy. She's a girl. But they're babies. So it's not uncommon for them to look IDENTICAL.
When does that change?
Will LG look like him?
Exciting thoughts!!

Future Glimpse?

For my rambles on if LG will be my last biological child and what the future may or may not hold for our family, check {our nest in the city} for a post I wrote today after babysitting 2, alongside Lily and a baby bump



People always ask how this pregnancy is similar and different than my first pregnancy, with Lily.

  • still tired as heck
  • still experienced the 1st trimester of nausea/vomiting
  • still experienced super painful boobs the first few weeks
  • still love feeling those kicks, at first
  • still find the kicks painful around 20+ weeks
  • still tired of maternity clothes after wearing the same few outfits over and over
  • still excited as ever to meet the babe inside
  • still having a blast planning for his arrival
  • still love thinking about DIY projects for him (his room, clothes, blankets, etc)
  • still loose my breath like it's nothin'
  • still uncomfortably hot (probably because I'm still pregnant in the summer!)
  • still experiencing the 3rd trimester leg cramps
  • still bought all baby's clothes secondhand
  • less nervous about his health/my health
  • less paranoid about birth pain/epidural pain
  • less worried about breastfeeding
  • basically, less worried, period.
  • much much more lower back pain :(
  • my belly ballooned so quickly this time
  • no *new* stretch marks 
  • exercising much more this time (thank you, Fit Mama dvds!)
  • fewer dizzy spells