Braxton Hicks... already!?

I know Braxton Hicks "faux contractions" can appear as early as midway through a pregnancy... but that just wasn't my experience last time. Imagine my confusion/concern when last night I was woken from sleep by some beastly contractions (Braxton Hicks, to be sure, not the real deal!).

When I was pregnant with Lily I didn't get Braxton Hicks until 1 week before she was BORN. And even then, they were minor until 24 hours before she came 'round. 

Having them last night was not fun. And scary. And nerve-wracking. 

So is the immense pressure on my lower abdomen/hips/lady parts.

LG, you've got at least 7 weeks to go, buddy. Don't be in any kind of a rush mk?

Parents.com says:
An experienced uterus also has far more "false," or practice, contractions, called Braxton Hicks. Moreover, because a second baby is carried lower and farther away from the spine, he isn't centered over the bowl of the mother's pelvis, so he can't drop into the lower pelvis as easily. This may be why these early practice contractions don't bring on labor as readily as the first time. To tell the difference between Braxton Hicks contractions and real ones, change your position (stand up, say, if you've been sitting), or walk around. Braxton Hicks contractions will often stop, while active contractions will continue throughout these actions.

So again, I'm not panicking, but I don't love seeing labour signs I did with Lily 1 week before her birth, a full 10 weeks before LG's due date...

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  1. Hey Emmy - rest assured, the braxton hicks are probably nothing to be alarmed about. As you know, Ive had them since atleast 28 weeks and this past week (Week 39) was a week FULL of intense BH. Sadly, after my Dr appt today, Im no closer to labour.... BH might not be comfy (to say the least) but they don't necessarily mean baby is coming any time soon either. Praying for you, friend!