moving while pregnant?

In 4 weeks, we're moving.
In about 10 weeks I'll have another lil baby in my arms.
I say another because Lily still feels like a baby, even though after Saturday when she turned 1, she's officially a toddler. She's still under 20 lbs and has just 2 teeth and doesn't say much, so to me, she's still a baby. Our baby, if not a 'baby' to anyone else. Which brings me to the question on my mind:

How do you move in/out with a baby? 
Or while very pregnant?

Realistically, I won't be able to do much. I can't paint or lift heavy boxes. I can sort, organize, and best of all, boss people around, but I can't do much. I'm just too dang pregnant! And Lily... well she'll definitely need an all-day babysitter...for a few days. I have a few local friends who I'm sure wouldn't mind watching her, but I just don't think there's another way - so they will be asked (you know who you are!)

My goal is to have the house painted and large furniture moved in by September 30th, giving us a full 4 weeks in the house to actually make it a home (decorating, settling, etc) before LG's arrival.
Assuming he doesn't come early.
Assuming everything goes through with the house.
And assuming the final weeks of my pregnancy I'm healthy.

Advice, please!

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  1. I know our experience of moving from one apartment into storage into another apartment wasn't quite the same but in case anything we did/wish we did/shouldn't have done applies to you, here's what I could think of:

    We started packing way in advance, much sooner than we ever would have with kids. That way if the kids had a meltdown during a time we planned to pack it didn't totally derail us and we had time to make it up. It also meant we could do packing while they played and stop when they had enough and needed us - the large chunks of concentrated packing time of our past just didn't exist.

    Though we packed with them in the house (in swings, jolly jumpers, on our backs) I took the babies to another house on moving day. J and his friends moved us out and into storage and cleaned the whole place. For us it was easier to have one person focus solely on kids and one on the apartment. It was really that there is two and their age was such that leaving them all day with someone else wouldn't work.

    For moving in we had a plan based on our strengths: J moved us in while I wasn't even back in Vancouver yet ad then when I arrived he took the kids out of the house as much as he could so I could set up.

    Final random thoughts... I bet your pre-baby nesting will really be an asset for setting up a new home! Give yourself the freedom to read your body and Lily's needs. If you just need to leave something in the wrong place because you can tell Lily needs a walk to the park then just do it. Our move was by no means our smoothest, our packing was sloppier, our setup took longer (we still have barely any pictures on our walls) but we survived and we're glad we did it.

    Hope it all goes well and can't wait to see the pictures (of the house AND the baby!)