blocks for a boy (and girl!)

One thing I hadn't crossed off my list (see below) for preparing for LG was wooden blocks. I know they're not a necessity but they're something I really wanted to buy for him and haven't been able to fine anywhere.
I learned as Lily has been going through teething for the last 5 months or so, how much she loves to chew on hard object, and her wooden teethers are by far her favourite (Sophie, no offense). So blocks seemed like they could serve multiple purposes... but only to find them!!

Well today I went to the Zoo with a friend I've met here in Louisville and as a going away gift to Lily (aka me), her daughter Charlotte (aka she) gave... wooden blocks! Incredibly thoughtful as she knew I'd mentioned searching for them to no avail, and so very sweet. It was so unexpected and exactly what I wanted and was useful. My kind of gift. My kind of love.
THANK YOU Dana and Charlotte!! We had a wonderful day with you, we'll miss you, and we'll see y'all next summer :)

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