due date window

Does anyone know anyone who was actually born on their due date?
Me neither.
Which brings me to this post...

LG's due date is November 6th, but the "window" is said to be 3 weeks before and 2 weeks after, to be safe. That would make LG's window around October 20-November 20. I'm really hoping he's early again, like his sister, because at the end every day feels like a week and I can't even imagine, but I'm sure every week feels like a month! Lily was 10 days early and that suited us well. Imagine if he were born on Halloween? I always pitied kids born on holidays that all their friends got geared up for... makes their day seem less of a bigger....though I could have some fun with Halloween-themed parties :)

Anyway, this is only a big deal because I'm the maid of honour on October 2nd. Thankful that wedding isn't even just a week later or we could be in trouble!

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  1. Silas was actually born on his due date! (The one calculated by me) Crazy hey?