I bought a gorgeous, slightly used pair of skis off Craigslist at the end of last winter.
Remembering that I love to ski helped me make it through the bitter cold Montreal winters. Something to look forward to when it's snowing by the foot and all I think of is being buried in cold... Something to get excited about as the temp drops and the 3rd layer of wool is piled on my shivering body...

However, a group of my friends and husband bought their winter seasons pass to the local mountain and I did not take part. If I get pregnant even in a few months, my skiing career would take a break immediately making the pass not worth it (likely). I may still go if I find I'm not pregnant, but I won't get to go very much since it will be on a month-by-month basis.

Not a huge deal because we're far more concerned with becoming parents than the next winter Olympians, but for me, skiing made winter not so bad, so it is surely a sacrifice.

Note to self: add a 4th layer and sit by the fire and smile, because it snowed for the 1st time this week, in mid October :)

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