baby boom

Wow... busy days have lead to busy days and it's been forever since I've had time to be online for longer than 30 seconds.

Updates are:
2 new friends are pregnant (wooo!)

I'm so overwhelmed by the baby boom thats hitting my church and my work (by next year at this time there will be 7 new babies at the Winter Conference in Toronto!). It seems like everyone is picking this as the time to start trying or are lucky enough to have conceived.

It makes me long to be able to post "YAY I'M PREGNANT!" and it also makes me nervous knowing how possible miscarriages are. For some reason this is plaguing me the more I hear of friends being pregs (normally because it's during their 1st or 2nd month).

For now, the baby boom is an exhausting, emotional reality. I think I'll be in it for a while so I'll be posting my thoughts as they come :)


  1. Hmm...well I don't really know what it's like to be trying for a baby (and making it so public - you're brave!) when so many people and friends around you are now expecting what you long for. But I do know that when that little baby is conceived within you, it will be the perfect moment. Not too early and not a moment too late. Exactly when baby Morrice is supposed to be conceived. I hope you can find comfort in that and in God's perfect timing for you and Brad and when your family is to begin.
    I too, look forward to that post when I see all caps and probably some exclamation marks from you! :)

  2. Second everything Vaness said.

    But like you mentioned in your earlier posts, if you had conceived earlier, then there would have been no NA/France for you!

    So just rest in our Lord's love!

  3. true words vaness and karen :) great women!