Christmas with the Family


Spas have nothing on the relaxing sensation of staring at your parents 12 foot Christmas tree on a comfy couch with Mom, Dad, and Brad. Nothing!

We've done a lot of traveling from North Africa to France (for work the week before the festivities began) to Newmarket (Brad's mom and her husband, his kids, her kids, 8 people in total!), to Fonthill (my family - Lisa and her boyfriend Andrew, about 5 aunts and 5 uncles, 2 grandmas, and lots of lovely reunions) and now to Toronto (Winter Conference, again with work) but I am relaxed indeed.

Maybe it's the turkey drugs hitting me from last night, or the glow of the tree that is the largest residential tree I've ever seen, or the peace of Christmas - knowing that Jesus was born to bring the ultimate peace between man to God. But I am loving this Christmas, dispite the hectic travels and commotion.

How wonderful would it be to spend next Christmas with a baby??

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