bedroom makeover

since I'm spending so much more time in bed these days (napping and night sleep is totaling around 11-12 hours a day) I decided to give my bedroom a bit of a makeover since I was getting tired of the same thing for 1/2 the day, every day.

ditched the duvet cover for simple white blanket over the plain duvet:

bought a new lamp shade at Salvation Army to match the white and added some leftover fabric from when I made jam this Christmas to cover the bedside table:

Made and hung a new piece of wall art (the clear frame with cool business cards we collected last summer at a food festival in Old Montreal) over the lamp, which I could only do evenly since I moved the bed much farther to the left (now I'm a lot closer to the window which is the downfall, because it's colder):

More fabric on the dresser:

The Whole Room :)

The whole room changes cost about $5 ($2 for the lamp and estimating $3 for the leftover fabric) but it looks quite different - just don't have the before pics to prove it :) G'night!


  1. i love the little pieces of fabric here and there! they make it look so fresh!
    ps. your room looks like something out of a design blog or mag!

  2. haha thanks amanda, probably a little too cluttered and personalized to get the designer stamp of approval but its "us" :)