cravings, hope, and mom.

This week has been the same as the last for the most part. After getting my hopes up for the end of nausea and vomit, it returned with abundance. Still sleepy, still moody (but getting better!), still being spoiled by Brad (this week's gift was a plug for our bath since it never came with one and is a smallish bath so I've actually NEVER bathed in it). Same same same.

Although, as I enter into the 9th week of this pregnancy and almost the end of the 1st trimester I'm filled with hope. Hope that the baby will be healthy. Hope that I won't miscarry. Hope that I can do this whole, terrifying, natural birth thing. Hope. This part has made my days so much more joy-filled. When has Hope not been connected with Joy anyway? Think about it. Brad and I have spent a lot of time praying not only for a healthy baby, but for the right attitude in the midst of trial - miscarriage, complications, birth defects, the whole slew of potential problems. And since we've been praying not just for "our way" but for "the right heart if God's way isn't ours", my heart has been much more calm. And it's marking a huge difference from the previous weeks of anxiety.

Another change is that my cravings have changed yet again. I'm OFF meat. Like haven't had any in 2 weeks. Poor Brad. We're making a lot of pasta and eating a lot of eggs to get protein and I may be willing to have small bits of meat such as meat filled pasta or meat on a pizza, but the thought of cooking a whole chicken right now ... barf. literally. Thoughts are that powerful these days! And I was hooked on fruit for a long time, anything fresh basically, but it doesn't leave you will the satisfying fill that carbs and warm meals do. Case in point, mangoes. My obsession lately. I was eating one today and Lydia was eating a yummy spicy tomato soup and I was coveting it like no tomorrow. So long mangoes. Hello delicious hot soups.


I am so excited it's hard to put into words... I have missed them both so much since this pregnancy began. Not being able to share all my thoughts with them (hence, this blog was created), not being able to relax around them, or have them serve me (which they both love to do, read: SPOIL) with yummy meals, cuddles, advice, etc. And of course they're not just thinking of me, Mom has even said "we're just so excited to spoil Brad since he's been taking care of you so much, make him great meals, have red wine with him since you can't, etc". Isn't my family amazing? And did I mention they're COMING TO MONTREAL IN 4 MORE SLEEPS?

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  1. aww hun i am so happy to hear your mom and sister are coming! what a treat that will be :D
    hope you ladies have fun and they spoil you and brad lots!