mm @ 12 weeks

Now we're getting somewhere! Although this can be kind of deceiving. We have two limes in our fruit bowl, both with bright futures in guacamole and Brazilian beer (for baby daddy not mommy, don't fret!), and they are two completely different sizes. One is almost half the size of the other, though both are smaller than a lemon. I like to imagine that the lime I see up there beside that american quarter is the big lime. It looks pretty big. Plus it's just so much more exciting thinking about the big lime being my baby, because it's so substantial! Like wow, it will eventually result in a baby in my arms substantial. *shivers*.

12 weeks is a cause for celebration for us. We have had dear friends experience miscarriages right around the time we began trying, and it's been a fear I've had to fight almost daily since finding out we were pregnant. Knowing full well that we have other friends who experienced complications after the 12-week mark, and that the 1st trimester ending is by no means a sign of the pregnancy being perfect, it was still a milestone.

I know I'll have to continue fighting the fear that something will go wrong (because hey, I can't do anything but stay healthy myself and take those horse-tranquilizer-sized-prenatal vitamins) and trust God that he's in control. But it sure feels good to have a lime-sized baby inside and that the world now knows it :)

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