18 weeks

I know I'm growing, and by now have gained about 5-7 pounds, but it's hard to believe this is the half-way size/shape of a prego. I think I felt like I'd have gained 20 pounds by now and be "showing" much more... Who knows.

I don't see a change week to week, it's more like after a few pass I think "I'm HUGE!" that or when I can't fit into things that were 2 sizes too big before the pregnancy... I mean technically not maternity clothes, but basically are...and are not too small. Reality check!
#1 the modest side pose

#2 the belly side pose

#3 the full-frontal pose (is this caption misleading?)

#4 my view from the top


  1. em!

    wow - i am loving the baby bump. it must be exciting to see this development in yourself and to be recognized as pregnant by others now. excited for you as you soon find out about the gender and continued development of the little miracle of morrice inside of you.

    love you and miss you.


  2. i LOVE the view from the top.
    hee hee.
    i heart your belly & baby morrice.
    can't wait to meet the lil one.

  3. I can't wait to see the view from teh top pic where we can't see your feet anymore! :)