MM = a Hab's Fan?

Last night as had a great opportunity to go to a Habs game. Even though they lost it was SO GOOD! We live really close to the Bell Centre so we just walked over during the 1st period and hoped we could buy some tickets for a good price since it's impossible to get your hands on them otherwise.

Well we were 13 rows from the ice, amazing seats, retail price $106 for $45 a piece! So good, but the cutest was MM. I know babies can hear sound in the womb, so I'm guessing it's just the noise, but every time Montreal was on a breakaway and the crowd started getting load and cheering GO HABS GO, MM would begin to kick like mad! Plus seeing all the kids at the game in their jerseys made me so excited for our kids to cheer for the home team :)

just a pre-game belly shot (terrible quality I know, but Brad was busy so I had to take it myself, 18.5 weeks)

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