MM is headed to Africa and Europe, O My!

MM is about to be a world-wide traveler, for the 2nd time since she's been in my belly!
The first time we just didn't know she was there yet... Not negligent parents, just unaware :)
The story is, we were headed to Africa over December to do some planning for this trip that we're about to take. On the way we stopped in France for some meetings with people who we're working alongside with both in Africa and elsewhere. But it was a NIGHTMARE.

Yes I was pregnant and didn't know it, so the obvious nightmarish, confusing symptoms were alive and well - vomiting, extreme fatigue, heightened senses to say the least... But then there was the evening we spend sleeping in a hallway since the hotel we booked with (in France, in December...yeah. bur.) closed at NINE PM. What kind of hotel locks it's doors at NINE PM? Nobody knows, but there we were. Locked out. One in the morning. In France. In December. Cold. Unknowingly Pregnant.

The good times don't stop there. We slept in a hallway until the hotel opened at 6am and then were showed to our room that we STILL HAD TO PAY FOR. But on our way to our room, we found a stash of pillows and blankets, all hotel fresh and folded, waiting to be used. STEPS FROM WHERE WE SLEPT. Under coats. On running shows and scarves as pillows. Yeah. Ouch.

So needless to say MM has had many adventures, some overseas, since she's been around, but this next one is sure to be memorable - for us if not her :)
We'll be away for 8 weeks in total - 6 weeks in Africa, 2 weeks in France afterward to relax (yes, the glorious fact is that our plane for our work trip flies through France to get to Africa, so we can delay our trip home and stay in France for no extra expenses!).

So excited for us and MM.... the stories we'll tell her when she grows up :)

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