MM loves the Gap

I've heard it all before...
"baby clothes are SO expensive!"
"why would you even go IN that store? It's so expensive"

blah blah blah.
All said by folks who don't know how to find a good deal.

Take Gap Kids. Gap for adults usually has decent sale prices, but it seems their kids clothes don't get marked down as often or as drastically.
Until today!

Everything, even sale items were 30% off, so I made a bee line to the sale rack and got THE CUTEST things for MM. Big time cute and big time cheap (but we won't tell her that!)
  1. Bathing suit - regular price $22.50, bought for $2.78
  2. 2 pairs of leggings/pants for this winter - regular price 2 for $22, bought for $2.78ea
  3. cute top - regular price $16.50 bought for $3.48

note the flower-shaped knee pads on the orange pair!!!
They're called "crawlers" so baby's knees are protected,
and I bought for this winter,
in a size up so she'll actually be crawling near that time.

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