MM's 2nd Party!

Me and MM were given our second baby shower yesterday -
what an AMAZING day!
Any day when 25+ people you love and have known all your life want to shower you with love, encouragement, and gifts is easily the best day of that week, but what made it extra special were the little things:
  1. my sister hand-making a gorgeous baby quilt from all my favourite fabrics
  2. the sun hats that were provided for EVERYONE in the back-yard tea party shower
  3. the 8 different kinds of tea offered
  4. Alysha spraying everyone's hot legs and ankles with iced-water from a spray bottle
  5. celebrating with some friends who I've known since I was born, in grade two, or elementary and high school
  6. the favours: a bag of blend 103 tea from the Tea Emporium with a tea leaf catcher and a small satchel of lavender (my favourite scent) for under your pillow :)

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