twenty three percent.
As I type this, it's a wonder my fingers aren't accidentally pressing the wrong keys and spelling gibberish.
My hands feel HUGE and they hurt like they've been belted, old-school disciplinary-style.
Apparently it's due to water retention, same as my feet, though the feet make way more sense - I'm walking on them a lot, holding up my 30lb-heavier frame, etc.
Hands just hurt and it makes a lot less sense, other than hormones pumping through my body and my body retaining water (which again is laughable since I'm peeing on the hour, every hour, even through the night).

Anyway, this post is HAPPY and I don't want it to be an outlet for my complaining (tempting....sooo tempting...) so I'll get to it.

Months ago I did a baby-cost calculator, which adds up the costs of the first year, mostly one-time costs like a crib, stroller, etc and some repeated costs, such as using disposable diapers, or clothes - especially if your next baby is the opposite sex.
I choose my options frugally even with this calculator, but the cost of baby's first year, should we be paying everything ourselves and paying the "going-rate" for these items was approximately $4500.

I'm typing proudly today because I've added up all of our costs, and thanks to extremely generous family (buying our big ticket items such as the stroller and crib) and the amazing craigslist/ second-hand community of Montreal (our car seat, 90% of our clothes, a free breast pump from a friend who didn't use it, etc) our personal costs were only $1,050!

23% of what we thought we'd be paying.


correction: before I thought it was 27% but then we just found the dresser for $20 (plus we'll put $20 into it for supplies to spruce it up) instead of the one we were gunna buy, so now it's 23%!


  1. wow that's great!!

  2. i know!!! we got a lot of those things for less but also just a lot of gifts, from people like YOU! ;)

  3. such a blessing ;D