a baby is being born AS WE SPEAK

{not mine!}

But ahhhh it's so exciting.

Our dear friends Martin and Amy from our church here in Montreal are having a c-section literally as I type this post! It has been such a fun journey with them this past year.

In September Amy and I met for the first time and bonded pretty quickly and one of the things we both discussed over coffee was when we were going to start trying. It became something we talked about a lot even though we weren't ready to start trying officially... Then without consulting each other (not like we needed to!!) we both started trying, and BOTH got pregnant within days of each other!

They were exactly 10 days ahead of Brad and I and we all went through the same stages together - constant puking, misery, extreme fatigue, excitement, stroller shopping, starting to "show", cloth diaper buying, nursery decorating...

Since they're having a Cesarean their "due date" was pushed a bit forward, so now our kids will be two weeks apart instead of one, but it's so fun to think that they'll grow up together and we'll have friends who are experiencing the same things we are as the years go on. It's SUCH a blessing when you move to a new city to find a friend who you can relate to in such specific ways and to have things like kids and pregnancies knit you together even more.

Praying for them right now and so excited to meet their boy,
Adrian William

ps - something about friends who conceived at the same time as you really makes you realize you're too having a BABY soon. Obvious? Maybe. Wild and thrilling? YES.


  1. Laughed when I saw that your due date predictor only went to the due date! Hope you really do go early! :)

  2. there is an option for after! it's the first one! but clearly hoping it won't come to that ;)