"hope your bag's packed!"

Were the words from my OBG at our appointment,
with an excited smile on her face.

I can't imagine being pregnant for 3 weeks or more at this point - yet that's when my due date is... Though after my ultrasound last week, the theory was that I certainly wouldn't go late and maybe even would go a few days early (but these are just theories, I know). Even though all the while I was elated to hear this and was praying silently "please let me go a few days early, please!!"

(1) my husband is in the busiest time of the year for work on the first week of September. Having an August 28th due date complicates things in that he can't take pat-leave right away, and I'd love him to be around...

(2) my family had planned well in advance to run a half marathon (I know...and what have I done today?) in Quebec City on August 29th before knowing the due date... so if she comes a bit early, they would get to meet her, instead of going all the way back to Ontario (7 hours + driving) and then back to Quebec a few days later.

SO, all that to say, at today's appointment one of the first things I asked my doctor was "so, do you think I'll go early!?"

She laughed and said "your due date is pretty much set, and plus first time moms almost never go early... we'll start internal exams to see if you've begun to dilate next week as we don't expect you would anytime before then".

Oh. Sad times. But then she added, "but why not, lets do an exam now and see just to clear your head". THANK YOU LORD FOR THIS DOCTOR. I was so glad she was willing to just do it anyway, though she thought otherwise, because she knew it would give me peace of mind. Peace if I hadn't started dilating yet and peace if I had, to know either way.

To her surprise and my hopes, I HAD! She was surprised and laughed saying "wow! well you're almost 2cm dilated already... so happy we checked! I hope you've got your hospital bag packed, the baby will most definitely come before August 28th"


Now... to pack that hospital bag and finish the nursery... MM, can't wait to meet you!


  1. That would be great if you went early! It would definitely make the timing of this baby a little easier.
    At the same time, remember that babies are tricky! I was dilated for 5 cm for 2 weeks with all my kids! You just never know!

  2. Yup, I was the same as Loni. Actually, with Noah I didn't know because I never got checked until I was in active labour and was 6cm.
    With Jude was 5cm for at least 1.5 weeks.
    At least you've already dilated 2cm! Some women are in excruciating pain and when are checked are only 2cm! So that's at least good news!
    So ditto Loni's comment.
    Babies are TRICKY. :) But here's hoping you go early! *fingers crossed*

  3. agreed ladies.
    trying not to get my hopes up too much because it's true, who knows how long i'll be in this 2cm limbo?
    but today I'm choosing to be psyched, because i'm just DYING to meet her (:

  4. Now 2 cm dilated sounds scary to me, but because it's you I'm excited! Yay for an early birthday for MM.

  5. Maggie8.8.10

    I think that MM should time her arrival for August 17th, just saying...:D
    Can't wait to meet your beautiful babe!

  6. Awww so you could have the same bday!!!