MM's Dresser Make-Over

it looks terrific!!!!
{if I do say so myself}

Recap: we got this piece for $20 at a garage sale.
Then Brad painted it white with the paint we used for the trim in MM's room

They I covered the bland white change pad with a fun IKEA fabric and bought new knobs at the Habitat for Humanity Re-Store for $2 each

And lined the drawers with a fun wallpaper I also bought at the Re-Store for $2


The drawers are now all packed and MM's diapers, clothes, and general things have a home :) Now I'm feeling very prepared...her crib is yet to arrive but that's not as much a hurry since she has a bassinet home for the first month or so. So MM, if you're listening... you can come now.


  1. Looks great Emi!

  2. Beautiful! Love love love! Well done, Mama. :)

  3. Great job Em, I love the fabric choice! So glad you found a great deal and were able to make it your own. Beautiful room for a beautiful baby!

  4. Morgan18.8.10

    not only will she have a clean bum and diapers but she will be changed in style!
    i love it!

  5. phenomenal. loves it.