bump #2

The three of us (especially Lily) are excited to meet you! 
That's right, officially announcing my pregnancy!
We just found out (we decided to forgo the 3 month waiting period this time) and are probably around 5 weeks along, making the probable due date the first week of November. I'll be getting a dating ultrasound in the next couple weeks to be sure.
Would love your prayers, I'm one tired mama!


  1. Hey that's great news, Em!

  2. thanks V! love that you commented on this blog instead of the other one. Definitely shows how much you loooove all things baby/pregnancy :)

    can't wait to be preggers again, this time with a little bit of knowledge!

    curious how different your second pregnancy was to your first?

  3. haha...it just came up in my google reader (love google reader for that reason!) and so i wanted to show the bump blog some love. ;)

    my two pregnancies weren't TOO different although once i got in the third trimester i was DEFINITELY feeling it. i think my muscles were not as strong second time around (with my two being 21 months apart, and yours even less, that's completely understandable) and i just felt a lot of weight down below and just far more pressure on my pelvis/lady parts if that makes any sense. but other than that...they felt pretty similar. i don't remember being as tired with jude as with noah - or perhaps i just didn't have time to nap all the time like i did when i was preggers with noah. :)
    all in all, both my pregnancies were a breeze so i can't really complain (although when jude came later than noah did - a week over due vs. 4 days - i certainly felt like i had every reason to complain. :D)

  4. Thanks for the heads up! I've already started pre-natal yoga which is great for toning muscles in the pelvis/lady parts/hips... so it may help.

    I'm finding I'm tired, but my first pregnancy I slept like 13 hours a day, and that's just not an option now! So I guess I'm less tired, by default :)

    Slight nausea already, excited for the next 8 weeks to pass (my nausea with Lily stopped to the DAY of my second trimester starting).