morning sickness

Yep, it's here again. This pregnancy began a bit differently than my last one. Less fatigue and no nausea  (I didn't even know I was pregnant until I took the test, whereas a couple days after conceiving Lily I had tons of symptoms), but now it's looking a whole lot like last time. 

I woke this morning at 5:30am (after a brutal night sleep that maybe only lasted a couple hours) feeling like I should eat something or I was going to be sick... but then you play those mind games where you think "hmmmm, maybe if I just get really comfy, I'll fall asleep and the nausea will dissipate"  when really making the conscious decision that "yes, I'm going to puke. I might as well go do it right now and get it over with" is much wiser. 

Pregnancy sickness is different (for me, at least) that any other kind of flu where throwing up is involved. It's not as overt that your whole stomach is violently turning. It's more of a subtle, deep nausea, that only goes away with copious amounts of flavourless food (yum!) or vomit. Once I "decide" that I'm going for it, as soon as I have my head down in the sink or toilet, that's when the fireworks begin. 

That's the danger: there's too much control in it for me. With the flu, you just throw up. With morning sickness, I debate in my bed for half an hour, losing more sleep, and then finally begrudgingly tip toe to the kitchen sink (my throwing up locale of choice), move all the dishes I haven't washed, and then a couple of minutes later it's over. Then I wash the sink (I know, sounds like a lot of trouble, but has it occurred to anyone that people go number 2 in toilets? That grosses me out enough to not want my head there if I can help it.) and the dishes that I should have done last night, and try to fall back asleep. Sometimes possible, depending on how early I'm sick - today it was before 6am so I could since I wake up at 7am, even though Lily rises a lot earlier and the whole house knows it :)

Oh morning sickness, it feels like I was just rid of you! 
But this time around, I know what wonders await, so you're even more worth it.

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