37 week ponderings

The finish line is in sight!!
I'm 37 weeks on Sunday, a mere 30 hours from now!
That means, I've *basically* made it to full-term!

I really didn't know how this past week would go. Part of me was so hoping to go into labour because I'm in extreme discomfort and that part is only getting worse... But most of me wanted to hold on for dear life because I know it's what's best for LG. Though I know many babies who have been born over 3 weeks early (so technically not at the 37 week/"full term" mark), and who are thriving and totally healthy, I did want to last as long as I (and LG) could. 

My doctor gave me some guidelines to follow and I've been a good patient. I had to miss church last week which wasn't great, but I didn't have a ride, and the stairs in the metro are very unforgiving to me. Thankfully this week I have a ride. Especially because Brad is preaching. Especially because I miss church and missed it last week. And especially because it could be my last Sunday for a few if I go into labour next week.


I need to write something because I'm hoping it will help convince my pained body and conflicted heart:
I'm thankful to still be pregnant with LG.

I'm thankful because it's what my doctor, whom I trust, recommended and hoped for. I'm thankful because it's what's best for him (to be born at 37 weeks or after). I'm thankful because I'm resting in God's perfect will for me and our family.

My body wants him out. My bad attitude (often) wants him out. My impatience wants him out.

But I'm thankful.


Really needing to write and believe that more :)


In other news, my fingers have grown to the sausage-like state where my rings no longer fit. I'm wearing them around my neck and Lily loves to play with them. Our house is much more settled than it was last week too, so bringing home a baby would be easier than it would have been 7 days ago. All in all, we're feeling really excited and ready for LG. Not a glimmer of nerves (except maybe for the pain pre-epidural!), just thorough joy that in a few days or weeks, we'll have a baby boy in our nest.

We are a blessed people, us Morrices.

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  1. I really loved this entry.
    I am thankful for you and for your heart that longs to be more like Jesus!
    I cannot wait to meet LG and also babysit him and the Lilster when I MOVE to Montreal in EIGHT AND A HALF MONTHS!!

    Love it.
    Love you.