An expression used to describe unrelated children in a family whose birth dates are less than 9 months apart.

  • you know that stage well.
  • you have and are parenting a child that age already
  • sharing toys and clothes (especially if the twin is the same sex/size)
  • can be easier to bond
  • built-in playmate
  • helps the adopted child feel even more connected to the family
  • helps the adopted child transition into school since their sibling is in their class and can help them navigate life as a 3/4/5 year old

  • too much at once (don't I always say "how do they do it!?" of moms with twins, though primarily I mean in infancy)
  • competitiveness
  • potentially confusing for the biological child
Moments with Love, a new blog I found and adore, has a whole series of blogs with the label "twins" chronicling the adventure of their adopted African son and his "twin" sister, their biological daughter. Check it out!

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