Banque Mixte Adoption legalities:

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Families that agree to have children placed in their homes from the Banque Mixte must realize and be prepared for a lengthy period of time before that child may become judicially legal to be adopted.
Since 1988, statistics have shown that roughly only 4% of the children in the program have been reunited with their biological families. So, chances are very high that these children can be adopted, but the wait can still be stressful for everyone.
In the best interests of children, it's been determined that a placement for children ages 0 to 2 years be made within a year. Children ages two to five years old must have a placement within 18 months and for children ages 6 and older, a placement within two years.

That information is really comforting to us. One difference between International and Provincial adoption is that the birth parents are still around (in some cases). Furthermore, the birth parents in banque mixte adoption are different from a regular adoption in Canada in that regular adoption has the birth parents giving consent to the adoption and banque mixte adoption has the children already separated from their birth parents.

The hard part about regular adoption is that the birth parents have 30 days to change their minds. This is usually the route for those wanting to adopt a baby, and would be very challenging. The hard part about banque mixte adoption is that the birth parents have had their children taken away from them, usually for neglect or abuse. It's very unlikely (4%) that a banque mixte adoption won't "go through" but there are obviously other challenges such as dealing with past neglect or abuse.

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