peace out, 1st trimester!

I couldn't resist the baby peace sign!

This is my LAST week of my first trimester. I'm feeling loads better and will stop taking Diclectin soon (I've already begun taking less). I'm tired as anything and nap for 2 hours each day when the kids do, but that's enough to keep me alert and energized to parent intentionally the rest of the day. All of my taste buds seem back to normal, if not elevated. I am eating plenty these days and expect my weight will jump soon. Especially now that my sweet tooth and joy of baking has come back :)

I am so thankful for this baby and for this first trimester. We've had two scares already - once when we couldn't find the heart beat and again when I went to the ER with cramping at 11 weeks (more on that soon), but in both cases, baby and me were and are fine. What more can a Mama ask for? Jesus, your blessings are paramount. We are unworthy and you give abundantly.

6 months to go!

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