So apparently, this Thanksgiving weekend (when my mother-in-law and her husband are staying with us) I'm what all the ovulation websites (yes such things exist to my surprise in surplus!) call "FERTILE"

Wow. First actual chance to get pregnant. Big weekend ahead! Actually, scratch that... if I were to get pregnant this weekend, the baby would be born in July 2010. Making me 6+ months pregnant on North Africa project this summer. No thanks! Again, there's not too much control with this "Russian Roulette" so maybe it's a good thing Brad's parents are down the hall all weekend ;)

We both said it would be great for us to get pregnant around December, making our baby born about September 2010. Ideal for many reasons including that our baby would get the "January advantage" kids get in Ontario (being the eldest in their classes growing up) because here in Quebec, the cut off date is actually September, not January. Though mostly, I want to participate in North Africa Project this summer which would be all the more likely and altogether possible if I were around 3-5 months pregnant during the trip (best time to travel experts say!)

Anyway, this'll be the first chance we have to get pregnant since going off the pill. We're actually hoping not to get pregnant yet, but not doing anything to stop it either. Guess nature will run it's course! Happy Thanksgiving everyone :)


  1. Yea Emily! Thanks for including me in your journey so exciting and terrifying at the same time. I will be praying for you...
    Being a mom is the most rewarding/satisfying job there is!


  2. how long did you guys "try" for Erin?

  3. Almost a year, very hard and emotional while we were in the middle of it but now I wouldn't change a thing cause I wouldn't want any other baby then london :) Don't get discouraged if it doesn't happen as fast as anticipated, looking back that year went by in a blink and also made me appreciate all the sickness, discomfort and pain associated with pregnancy... but that was just my experience :)