So Brad and I were talking about how much we should expect to spend in the first year of having a baby... I found this thing called a "Baby Cost Calculator" that was pretty thorough, and my cost was just over $4,000!

Now, that's assuming we pay for everything ourselves, not taking into account showers, gifts, freebies, hand-me-downs from friends/family, and our eBay savvy dutch-like tendencies, so next year may not be so pricey... but eye-opening nonetheless especially considering we're looking to buy a home and car next year too!

Also made me think, will I be a high-maintenance mom that spends loads of money, a cheap mom who never gets the "good stuff", or (hopefully) somewhere in the middle? What would you be? Check out the calculator and let me know!


  1. yo... that calculator thing sent me into a bit of a panic. Good thing I'm still single with no prospects in sight haha. It will give me time to decide on the big question: cloth or disposable diapers. My parents did disposable diapers and they said it really wasn't as difficult as people made it sound.

    My total was $4741. I'm sure I could cut it down quite a bit more, but I just had no idea how much & on which things!

    I'm now excited for your baby shower. Now I realize how important it is to cut those set-up costs!

  2. Hey Em

    David and I did that calculator thing a month ago..and I think we were in the 4000s too!