pipe dreams of the perfect pregnancy and travel...

Thanks to an ovulation calendar I found online, I know that I'm fertile again between November 14th-19th for a birth around August 10th, 2010. Or, even better, I'm fertile between December 13th-18th, for a birth around September 8th. Or, best yet, I'm fertile between January 11th-16th for a birth on October 7th.

I would love to be in North Africa and France (the trip we're planning to take after since we fly through Paris en route home anyway) when I'm in my 2nd trimester as I keep hearing it's when a woman feels her best and is physically the strongest during her pregnancy (think 4-6 months). It would be our last chance to travel pre-children and is extraordinarily perfect (financially as the trip would be tacked onto a work trip, time-wise as we take our vacation after long assignments such as a 6 week missions trip, and personally since we both speak French and neither of us have been to France for more than a layover)

If we get pregnant this month though, we may have to reevaluate the trips altogether, since I would be between 6-7 months pregnant on the trip, where I've read I'm much more tired, large (hello baby bump!), uncomfortable (flying, walking, heat, no thanks), emotional, and in general need of living close to a doctor. Ah the dreams we have little or no control over...


  1. There is a great book out there called 'What to expect when you are expecting' that both Fal and Julie have that really helped them out a lot. It really lays out your whole pregnancy really well, that might help you plan better. Even if you peruse through at the book store for an hour or so, it will give you some great insight! I remember reading parts of it and being quite shocked and interested at some of the things that they had to see. Definitely worth a look see! xo

  2. sooo true!
    I actually read in my friends' copy of that book about the 2nd trimester being a good time to travel, but I should read more about details and what not, maybe time to acquire my own copy!

  3. On a book related note, I HIGHLY recommend reading "Your Best Birth" by Ricki Lake and Abby Epstein. http://www.amazon.ca/Your-Best-Birth-Discover-Experience/dp/0446538132
    Even if you're not going to go granola natural like me...it's an incredibly wise thing to research all your options and think about what you want and then GO FOR IT instead of just accepting what a doctor tells you.
    Just my thoughts. :)