poor investments?

Well, my birthday has come and gone, bringing with it many lovely gifts from friends and family. One such gift from my Mom resulted in my shopping (she gave me both cash and a Winners gift card - one of my favourite stores).
I got a couple thinjgs, a nice tank top that fits just perfectly, a new wonderful lime green wool sweater that may be the most cozy and beautiful thing I've worn since it's distant cousin that I bought from Winners last winter in pink from DNKY (another steal, love that store!!)

And then it hits me... I could be pregnant like NOW. I technically could be and not know, or even could be in a couple months... either way, these great new clothes purchased would be kind of a waste depending on how much of a bump I get (fingers crossed for a glorious, sizable baby bump!)

My friend Loni always says she has more maternity clothes than normal clothes since she's on her 3rd pregnancy in about 5-6 years. Makes sense. I need to think twice before spending money on clothes that may not fit in a few months... There's always next winter of course, and who really knows when we'll conceive. But it's some good food for thought... Maybe I'll stop saving up for that pair of dark denim jeans I've been drooling over and re-think the whole wardrobe of a non-pregnant woman thing seeing as how we're trying... But then again, if I'm not yet pregnant it's not really a poor investment after all. Hmmm...

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