queries on breasts

so much on my mind lately...
  1. will having had a Breast Reduction make breast feeding more painful?
  2. when do you stop breast feeding? I'm hoping when my kids get teeth (oh the fear...)
  3. is breast feeding difficult? It always looks so natural when I see it on tv, with other friends who are moms, etc... but it also seems abnormal to be (guess it's a phenomenon I won't understand until I experience it)
And unrelated... I need to start taking Folic Acid my friend Amber has always reminded me...


  1. 1. You had a breast reduction? I never knew this. I believe there's a possibility of not being able to breast feed (as far as what I've heard) but the friends I have who did have reductions were in fact able to breast feed. not sure about the pain. I imagine it would be equally painful (at first). :)
    2. Whenever you/your child wants. It seems to me that it's a combination of your personal choice/parenting philosophy. I'm of the belief that breastfeeding is over when I decide it is. For me I wanted to do it 'til Noah was 12 months. I did it for 13 months and then got preggers again.
    3. Yes. YES. YES. Be prepared to struggle for the first 6 weeks. At least that way if you DO find it easier than most it'll be a pleasant surprise. They ("they"? professionals I think) say to commit to it for 40 days. (about 6 weeks).

  2. vanessa, you are a WEALTH of knowledge. So thankful for you :)

  3. I think I should be a doula. Or midwife or something. I love talking about, hearing others' experiences, all things pregnancy, labour/birth, parenting etc. :)