Brad's been on a work trip being trained to lead the Summer Project we're going on this summer. He's gone before as a staff like I will be this summer, but this is his 1st year going as the director of the project, so obviously he needs some training... I'm not opposed to that...promise.

But I am sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo lonely!

He left Monday morning. Sunday was our 1 year anniversary. Maybe the timing was just sensitive, but what can you do? He's coming back tonight (thanks God!) and it really wasn't that long of a seperation when I think about it, but I'm growing really attached to that guy, leading into slight resentment of any and everything that takes him away from me, darn you work darn you!

No I'm fine, but man... I've become attached!

If I were pregnant right now or with kids I wonder if I would feel even more solo/lonely? Does it increase the more significant the separation is? Like right now he's gone for a few work days but it's fine because I'm busy with my own job, and it's just me. If I were pregs or with kids would it be harder? Easier (since I'd maybe be more busy?) who knows.

Just counting the hours till his return :)


  1. If you were pregnant/with kids you would definitely feel more solo/lonely. Okay...I guess I can't speak for you, but I definitely do. I missed Jamie, Noah missed Jamie...it's just better when he's home. :)

  2. Joshua travels and is away A LOT!!! I found it hard at first with lots of resentment and frustration. But through prayer and I guess time I've gotten used to it. I love when he is home and obviously much prefer it that way, but now that London and I have kinda gotten the swing of things I'm much more confident in caring for him alone, I also know Joshua doesn't enjoy being away but this is his ministry and what God has called him to do so that makes it worth it. :)

  3. So true Erin... Part of our calling into ministry means these times apart, it comes with the package as it clearly does with Josh's work as well... but I'm so encouraged to hear of someone else whose husband is away often and praying through it... inspiring!