Alysha 1, Etsy 0

Alysha, my cousin, is kind of amazing.

She and her husband Daymond visited this weekend and we all had a marvelous time. The farewell tour continued, including eating great food and drinking great wines and coffees all weekend long. I think when I do get pregnant I'll look back on binge weekends like this of eating and drinking pregnancy-no-no's and long for them.

Not only did Alysha provide the much needed and missed family connection, but she also brought along delicious wine and steaks for us to all enjoy on the Friday night, her much anticipated plans for a future high-tea themed baby shower, and the no-need-for-expensive-Etsy-baby-stuff good news. Many good things happened in the last 48 hours :)

Turns out, everything I'd wanted from Etsy was "simple sewing, Emmy, common!".

I myself am not a sewer (read: I'll sew my own fingers before sewing a straight line) so I couldn't recognize the simplicity of the over-prized things I'd wanted in the previous post. Alysha went on to explain excitedly how she could and would make me everything on the Etsy pictures I'd posted and more! She loves creativity, decorating, details, and all things pretty, PLUS she's enormously generous and loving and doesn't want kids of her own, so she pretty much adds up to be a pregnant or dreaming-to-become-pregnant woman's best friend.

So whenever I can post confidently the news of a pregnancy, the next step will be fabric shopping, since Etsy has nothing on my wonder-woman cousin. That combined with the potential of this being my last period for a while is more happiness and excitement than one girl can take! What a weekend of Goods :)

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