please be the last one for a while...

Again, the feeling stas "another month, another period" and sighs.

This time I'm less disappointed not to be pregnant because I do believe it's best for our family and our plans that we're not pregnant until after November, but something else besides the desire to have children makes me long to be able to say "I'm Pregnant!"... These CRAMPS!

The pill took care of my PMS cramps each month and now that I'm off it they're back in full force. really back! Like I don't even remember this much pain before! owwwwww

I don't need to hear "well when you're in labour, period cramps will feel a lot less painful!" either Moms, so don't even think about it... Just let me think that when I don't have my period this particular pain will be gone without mention that new and more painful feelings will surface ;)

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  1. Yeah, but 9+ months of no period...seriously. It's great. I'll be sad when I get mine back (with Noah he was 9 months so that's 18 months of period free living! WOOHOO!) but here's hoping it's at least another 5ish months! :)