NOT pregnant

Took the 1st response test today since it is 5 days before my period is due and saw the lonely line (his other pink line friend indicates pregnancy).

I'm ok with it. Part of me is disappointed (as many people suggested I would) even though if I were pregnant this month it would cause some changes in our summer plans that I wasn't fond of... weird how the mind works eh? I was terrified, didn't want this to happen, wasn't embracing the possibility, until only one line appears, and then it's all sunny hindsight... "it would have been great to get pregnant in November!" "Why would anyone NOT want to get pregnant in November!?" and so on...

But this does mean all of those cons listed before are gone. From here on out, if we become pregnant in December, January, February, or onward, we can still go to North Africa on missions this summer, to France en route home, and even to the set-up trip this December. In fact the next time we'll be "trying" will be IN North Africa.

Common December!!!

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