PROS to being pregs this month:

- Baby would be born in August: before the insane month of September (for us, it's easily the busiest month for work)
- Brad wouldn't have much work to do so he could be around with the new baby a lot before September
- I would have a clear cut/dry year for maternity leave (our heaviest months for work are Sept-June, so I could take mat leave at the beginning of that phase)
- I could be in Rachel Cheng's wedding, my dear friend, as it's currently scheduled when I'll be in North Africa (baby permitting)

CONS to being pregs this month:
- Baby would be born in August: and would be the youngest in their class (equivalent to a December baby in other provinces as the cut off date in Montreal is Sept 20)
- Brad would go to North Africa for 3 weeks instead of us both going for 6 weeks
- We wouldn't go to France at all
- Meaning I may also not go to North Africa this December for the set up trip we've planned


  1. Even if you're not pregnant - sounds like this has been a good heart-check for trusting in God. I've had a few of those myself - not being pregnant and then having to surrender the whole thing and realize that God is totally totally in control and he has the baby for His Glory and His purposes (which will include the timing).

    thanks for the updates though! :) Fun Journey... :)

  2. Another pro: they would be in school one year earlier and one less year of the cost of daycare(if that is the route you are taking.)

  3. How it pays to have you as a friend, Loni, who knows the "Montreal System"... I may just have to hire you full time :)
    And Jen, you're right, wow, every couple days I recommit the whole thing to God again, which I did that as often with life before this journey.