sacrifices part II

as I sit here with my delicious double shot morning latte (best wedding gift we ever got was that blessed machine!), I can't help but savor every sip... In just a few months could this morning ritual be a distant memory?

I've been made aware of all the glorious drinks and foods to avoid while pregnant, so recently in Quebec City Brad and I called the next couple of month my "Fair well Tour" to great food and drink... Might as well enjoy it while I can the thought is...

So in the next month I plan to indulge as much I can in some of my favourite things:
  1. COFFEE. espresso, drip, chocolate-covered beans...
  2. Raw MEAT - oh how I love you Sushi... A big slab of raw salmon alone is a delicacy, match it with yummy flavours of avocado, spicy sauce, red pepper, fish eggs... ah my heart is breaking!
  3. Raw EGGS - recently Jamie introduced me to the greatest salad dressing on earth! It contains a raw egg, and has rapidly become a staple in our house. (I'll add the recipe soon)
  4. FISH - even cooked, Salmon is out :( we better get going on that enormous-feed-your-family-for-a-year Costco bag we just bought...
  5. ALCOHOL - disclaimer: I definitely will be ok without alcohol, I'm not dependent on it (though coffee may be another story...) whatsoever, but I do love a glass of red wine over dinner, a beer with my hubs, or the traditional champagne and orange juice over Christmas holidays with my uncle Duke (it's become our just-the-two-of-us Christmas tradition and I cherish it)
  6. HOT TUBS (!) - did she just say HOT TUBS!? And SAUNAS!? AHHHHH I wish I never read that article! Over winter conference we stay in a mammoth downtown Toronto hotel and I enjoy almost a nightly trip to the sauna to get piping hot and unwind, as well as a visit to the hot tub as much as possible. Apparently raising your inner body temp too high above normal is life threatening to the baby inside of you and so all prolonged hot showers even (GULP) should be avoided. **If any of you know my husband's propensity to refuse use of the heater until it's fr-r-r-r-eezing you'll be laughing sympathetically right now.
  7. Websites also included avoiding illegal drugs, X-rays, and HERPES... but they're not as sacrificial for me... (read: irrelevant but funny)


  1. re: hot tubs, what article was it, because I have read an article from a fertility doctor that hot tubs during pre-conception and pregnancy is okay

  2. I mean post-conception, when theres a baby inside, pre-conception I would assume is fine, which si why I'm going to enjoy them as much as I can now :) Who is this?

  3. Yea but I have also read an article by a fertility docotor that hot tubs during pregnancy is okay as well; that is why I'm curious as to where you are getting your info from i.e what sites?

    Also, um..I didn't have to sign it to read your blog today ?!

  4. ooh this is Karen! I forget the sites now, I've been googling lots but many moms told me they were told the same thing... who knows, I mean a warm shower every day is normal, but just not baking in a sauna for 30 minutes (which I LOVED to do :)

  5. Salmon shmamon. I totally ate cooked salmon. Not every day, not even every week. But occasionally. I say, avoid the obvious ones and don't worry about the rest. :)
    (I actually even had someone say that it should be fine to drink alcohol. I told them that when they are pregnant they can feel free to drink all the alcohol they want! Pshaw!)