let's pretend this isn't a sign that I may forget my baby at the hospital...

The freedom of getting off the pill and not having to remember to take something at a precise hour every day or panic would surely ensue was short lived.
My friend Amy reminded me recently that you basically switch taking your pill for taking your pre-natal vits... Crap. Prenatal vitamins. oh yaaaaaaaa...

*run to the bathroom and take 4, because who ever really overdoses on Folic Acid?*

Now thankfully I don't have to take the prenatal vits at 11pm every night or I'll feel nauseous and my period may be messed up, because we all remember that fun... But still, why is it so hard to remember a single pill!? JUST TAKE IT. EVERY DAY. SO YOUR BABY'S SPINE ISN'T AS CURVED AS NONNA'S (the 96-year-old-medical-marvel who is my grandma-in-law).

Clearly sitting the pill jar in the bathroom cupboard is just ludicrous as I forgot nearly every day for a WEEK (and yes, I know this won't actually do huge harm since I'm NOT PREGNANT yet, but starting habits early is always a good thing) so I've moved the meds to my bedside in hopes that before bed or when I wake up I'll just see it and do it.... you know, like all the other pre-moms who arn't impossibly forgetful.

But then there's the issue with needing water to down those suckers... because the fact is they're the size of about 4-5 birth control pills in one giant super pill that is so daunting to swallow I almost want to grind it up with a mortar and pestle and sniff it like other drugs, that I have never seen as appealing until now when I'm choking down the horse-tranquilizer-sized beast wishing there was another way. In short, a large glass of water plus maybe a cookie or two is needed to avoid the gag reflex that the super pills bring on.

Yeah, looking back, a little baby birth control pill that only needs a sip of water to go down did seem easier, though the whole date-time-perfection was unquestionably problematic in that I am the most forgetful person alive (lets not even talk about the iPod I forgot in a car not too long ago...)


  1. Oh man, I feel your prenatal vitamin pain! I have been taking them since even before we started trying as I had heard the same advice as you and knew that it takes time for your body to store up vitamins. But oh man, they are huge! And if I take it on an empty stomach I feel sick, so I try to take it at night so if I do feel sick I'll be asleep. But then I got real overachiever-like and got some naturally-derived version with a separate pill of DHA. You have to take 2 of each every day - for a total of 4! The only up side is that they don't make me sick because they're more gentle on my tummy. Every time I take them i just think, after a year of trying, I'm going to be fully stocked to make one smart, healthy kiddo!

  2. without question, baby Hau will be semi-steroid-infused brilliant ;)