all i wanna do

is barf.

Sounds weird, but nausea stops when I throw up, and I've been in the bathroom on the verge since 5am this morning.

Put me out of my misery and just doooo it!

In other news, Brad is adorable and began a "surprise each week" today. Starting with a quiz about our baby's development (mm has a tongue now!) he then asked me how to take care of a tongue... After a few more leading questions I was lead to the bathroom cabinet where a new book "Girls of Riyadh" that I've been wanting to read for months was sitting, nestled beside the tooth brushes!

I tried reading it a bit today but it made my nausea worse- but what a mood lifter!


  1. Not sure if you've talked to Suzanne yet...but get on Diclectin. Talk to your doctor.
    It's for "morning" sickness.

  2. i know i've heard... don't have a obgyn yet though :(

  3. just ask your family doc for a prescription
    you don't need an obgyn for that