shout outs

Since you're reading this, you obviously like blogs. I love them. Love. I have no desire to watch TV (other than Heroes, and the occasional Grey's episode) and lately I'm not so into movies (since our DVD player is in getting fixed we've grown apart...) but Blogs I love. They are my entertainment, education (mostly in things design and parenting related), sure highlights of the day.

I started reading Eddy's Blog, Life In Grace and she's great. Shes definitely different than my normal influences (she's from the Southern US for starters!!) but she's got great design ideas, has a huge family, and is a Christian who's been through a lot along the way (read: shes not your squeaky clean saint with no back story). Which is partly why I love her. She's not someone who you feel like you can't touch. Sure she's a doctor who chose to stay home and raise her 6 kids which I admire, but she's humble and not intimidating.

All this to say, Eddy posted some blogs she likes and I thus found some new favourites:

Ashley Ann

- check out the DIY bird wall art! Can't wait to do this in our nursery!

Pink Polka Dot

- everything on here is just so pretty. Love Love Love it all. Love her salvaging of old wooden furniture into beautiful useful things, love her photography, etc.

Pleated Poppy

- love the headboard she made, that she likes Country Living (my next magazine to subscribe to!), and what she did what that old door - brilliant!


- her kitchen remodel....drool. love it. And another woman with lots on her plate (not to mention a bundle of kids!) who seems to be juggling fairly well :)



  1. em - just wanted to say - so excited to hear about the baby on the way! praying for you guys as you prepare for mini-morrice. love!

  2. you are so cute! thanks for the shout out! and congrats on your baby bump!