losing my Dutch-like tendencies to save money every second...

We want four kids, so I feel like it's only fair (read: necessary) that I have at least one girl. Just one, ok? I can handle boys. I'm in love with Andy and Loni's 4 year old Matty even if he doesn't seem to reciprocate half the time. Plus Brad is from a family of 3 boys (no women. I know. tragic.) so we like boys around here.

But then you see booties like these by Gracious May and you rethink all your well-laid plans to save money, not spoil your kids or yourself, and not buy STUPID THINGS YOUR KIDS WILL JUST GROW OUT OF IN NO TIME.

But they're soooo pretty.


  1. oh do it, for all of us! just buy them really big, stuff the toes with extra baby socks and she can wear them for a good year, haha. a girl, even a baby girl, needs one nice pair of shows that make her feel foxy. :)

  2. hmmm... maybe i shouldn't be commenting at 11:45pm because i meant to say "shoes" not "shows".

    also, this brings up an interesting topic that i can't remember if you mentioned or not: will you find out the gender? and if you do, will you tell??

  3. yes we'll find out, no we won't tell :)
    our 20 week ultrasound is April 20th, we'll know then, you'll know late August :)

  4. OR you could do a throwback to Chinese feet-binding and just keep her feet stuck in there forever...

  5. i loove the grey ones with pink flowers! soo cute!