maybe I shouldn't get my hopes up...

I haven't been nauseous or thrown up in 2 days!!!
I'm one day shy of 9 weeks prego, so I'm in the 3rd month of pregnancy, but not done the 1st trimester (hence you're all still sworn to secrecy). Could the insane symptoms be ending?

please God please God please God please God!

The fatigue still hits me like a ton of bricks no matter what. I've actually now fallen asleep twice on the metro (which is only about 10 minutes from campus to home) in the last 10 days and have missed my stop, ending up somewhere far West of where I live. I'm also working a lot less than I was pre-prego and not knowing how I could possibly give 100% with the energy levels I'm experiencing, but could this too be winding down? No sign yet of tiredness ending - in fact 2 days ago I napped TWICE. Before going to bed at a normal hour. But that I feel I can handle. Throwing up at the mall and in my kitchen - they've got to stop. And they ARE.

Stay tuned, fingers crossed.

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